Nothing brings together physical well-being and fun quite like dancing! We are proud to offer both Line Dancing and Ballroom dancing programs week!

good food = great times

Part of being healthy and happy must include well balanced meals. The lack of proper nutrition in older adult lifestyles is a national issue. Many factors contribute to this problem including oral/dental issues, medications, loneliness, depression, and economic concerns. Over 30% of our participants are at a high or moderate nutritional risk. Through our Mealsite programs, our food bank, and other nutrition related programs, we continue to work arduously at improving the nutritional health of the older adults we serve.


We provide opportunities for older and / or retired persons to share their talents and expertise while contributing to the success of our non-profit community center. through RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Persons). We also provide volunteering opportunities to people of all ages who would like to “plug in” to their community and help us serve others!


We provide educational programs through out the year to help keep our older adults in touch with what’s most important to them. Partnering with AARP, SSA, PC ADRC, PC Sheriff, Good Sam, and many more!


We all need exercise to keep our bodies working well. We are happy to provide programs geared directly for our older adults such as Yoga, Walking, and the SAIL exercise program to help meet that need in our community.


We have numerous programs to satisfy the artist in all of us! There are acrylic and oil painting groups, a sewing circle, and we partner with Seniors Making Art to enhance lives through creative expression!


We teach a number of computer classes to help our community keep up with the technology age. We have a full computer lab, so if you need to surf the web, or type some letters, feel free to do it here


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